Competition Rules

Dance Competition

Types of Entries

  1. Solo (1 Dancer)
  2. Duet/Trio (2 to 3 Dances)
  3. Small Group (4 to 9 Dancers)
  4. Large Group (10 to 19 Dances)
  5. Super Group (20 or more Dancers)
  6. Production (10 or more Dancers)

Age Groups

Each entry will be placed in one of the following age groups based on the average age of all competitors in the routine. Average age should be calculated by adding up the age of each competitor (as of JANUARY 1) and dividing by the total number of competitors in the routine using integer ages (decimals are rounded). 

  1. Mini - 8 & UNDER
  2. Petite - 9 thru 11
  3. Junior - 12 thru 14
  4. Senior - 15 thru 18
  5. Adult - 19 & up

Competition Levels


  1. Dancers who take a total of less than three hours of combined dance and/or acrobatics lessons per week.
  2. Please note that it is not mandatory to enter the Performance level if you take three hours or less. You may also enter Advanced or Competitive level. However, if a Duet/Trio or Group has one or more dancer(s) taking more than three hours of dance/acrobatics per week, it must enter a higher level.


  1. Dancers on the rise between Performance and Competitive.
  2. Advanced includes dancers taking three to five hours of dance and/or acrobatics per week with limited competition experience, and not yet ready to compete at the highest level.
  3. If a dancer competes in the Advanced Level as a soloist they must remain in the Advanced Level for all solos. The dancer cannot move down and perform in any Performance Level routines. However, the same dancer can move up and perform in a Competitive level duet, trio and group.
  4. If a Duet/Trio or Group has one or more dancers taking over five hours of dance/acrobatics per week, it must enter the Competitive Level.


  1. The highest and most competitive level of dancers. o Competitive Level includes:
  2. a) All dancers taking over five hours of dance and/or acrobatics per week, 
  3. b) Performance level dancers that wish to compete at a competitive level.
  4. Dancers competing at the Competitive level as a soloist must remain in the Competitive Level for all other solos, duet/trios, and group routines performed at that competition. Teachers must use their own sound judgment when determining the number of hours of practice per dancer and in which level contestants should be placed. Routines that are obviously under-placed may be placed in a higher level by the judges.

General Rules

Time limits allotted per dance:

  1. Solo, Duet/Trio & Small Group entries: three minutes (3:00)
  2. Large Group & Super Group entries: four minutes (4:00)
  3. Production category entries: eight minutes (8:00)
  4. Improv will be limited to (2.:00)
  5. Additional time can be purchased.

  • The same contestant(s) cannot compete more than once in the same dance category and age group in Solo, Duet/Trio, or Group competition. This means that contestants must never compete against themselves in the same age group and dance category.
  • Dancers competing at the Competitive level as a soloist must remain in the Competitive Level for all other solos, duet/trios, and group routines performed at that competition.
  • Routines are expected to perform in the order they are scheduled.
  • Routines must be performed during the awards session in which they are scheduled. If the routine cannot perform during the awards session in which they are scheduled for any reason, it can be performed for judges’ comments only. The routine would not be eligible for overall awards. It will be announced on stage at the end of the regular awards, the appropriate medal or trophy given.
  • Still photography and Videotaping is limited to taking photographs/video of your own child. No professional photography set-ups/tripods/monopods allowed.
  • If dance movements, music lyrics, or costuming are deemed to be too suggestive or otherwise inappropriate for our family audience, or if the music contains vulgar or inappropriate lyrics, the routine will be scored lower by the judges.
  • Air horns or similar devices are prohibited.
  • Routines that are obviously under-placed into the wrong skill level may be placed in a higher level by the judges.
  • Any studio that makes an enrollment/routine change 3 days prior to the event, it is subject to a $5 fee for each change.
  • Duet/Trios cannot win in Group categories.


  1. Fire, swords and knives on stage are prohibited.
  2. No liquid, paint, gel, aerosol, glitter, fog, smoke, powder, paint powder, ashes, or similar substance that would affect the dancing surface is allowed. If this occurs, the routine may be scored lower by the judges.
  3. Props are allowed, however they must be freestanding. Scenery or backdrops requiring the use of theater fly bars may not be used. Props, if used, must be prepared and set-up, and removed quickly. Judges may take excessive set-up or removal time into consideration.
  4. Helium balloons are not permitted unless special permission is given by the venue.
  5. Safety is always our major concern. If the stage is "littered" during a routine please be prepared to clean it up immediately after the routine is finished.
  6. Hover boards are prohibited.

Scores & Deductions

  1. A panel of competent judges will judge contestants. All entrants agree that the time, manner, and method of judging the contest shall be solely within the discretion of the directors  of Amazing Dance Competition and that all decisions of the judges are final.
  2. A 5-point deduction will be made for routines that are not completed unless due to a costume malfunction that would result in an immodest performance.
  3. Ties will be broken based on technique score.

Dance Competition Rules

  • Any performer competing in dance competitions take certain inherent risks. These include, but are not limited to, sprains, bruises, pulled muscles, and broken bones.
  • Participation in this competition indicates the acceptance of such risks by performers. Therefore by virtue of entering this event, it is agreed that participants will not hold Amazing Dance Competition - Amazing Dance Competition  or its officers, directors officials, staff or employees responsible for injuries sustained or illnesses contracted by them while in attendance and/or participating in any activity related to a Amazing Dance Competition.
  • Amazing Dance Competition and the hosting facility are not responsible for personal injury to contestants or spectators.
  • Amazing Dance Competition is not responsible for lost or stolen property. Do not leave your property and valuables unattended in the event center, theater, or dressing rooms.Amazing Dance Competition.

Music Requirements

  1. Each entry must furnish its own music which may be up-loaded through our  site no more than 7 working days before event.
  2. Music must be uploaded three (3) days prior to the event.
  3. Music on cell phones is not accepted.
  4. It is recommended that you bring a second copy as a backup in the event of malfunction of original.
  5. Music left at the event will not be saved.